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Arians Is No Longer a Buc!

Bruce Arians has step down as the Buccaneers head coach. The Tampa drama saga continues.

First, it was AB, then Chris Godwin. Next, they almost came back in the divisional round of the playoffs before losing to the eventual Super Bowl champs. After that, Tom Brady retired before subsequently unretiring. Finally, you have Bruce Arians stepping down. In 4 months and the Buccaneers have had more turmoil than most teams have in years. And, by the sounds of it, it’s not over.

Now, I understand why Bruce Arians stepped down. There have been reportedly a lot of tension between him and Tom Brady. We also know the team would pick Tom Brady over Arians. It just made sense for them to part ways right now.

Also, I like them promoting in-house because it keeps the team intact. Not trying to bring a new face and letting Tom Brady have more control over the offense is smart.

With that being said, does Brady have too much power now? You can argue who is more to credit for the success of the Patriots. However, Brady never had this much control in New England. And it’s going to be a wild card on whether or not it’s going to work.

In the end, I’m very interested to see how the Buccaneers do next season and what turmoil there is to come within the organization. Thank you so much Smash Fans for tuning in, and without further adieu, PD Smash signing off

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