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Don’t Count Out The Lakers Just Yet

The Lakers have turned a corner. Hello Smash Fans and welcome to this installment.

I was watching the Lakers game last night, and I noticed something. I noticed the effort shift from the first half to the second half. It look like two completely different teams. And it look like they could actually hang with good playoff teams. Now is gonna gonna take more than one good half to win basketball games, yes. But I don’t think that’s gonna be an issue because after the game Russell Westbrook said something but I haven’t seen him say ever. He said I need to be better.

Not only did he say I need to be better, but he first said we lost. No, that doesn’t seem like a huge thing but Westbrook is always been a stats first type of guy. Now, I’m not as negative as other people are on people who are stuck first. I don’t think it’s actually the best way to approach the game, but it’s not the worst either especially when you’re a superstar. With that said, Russell Westbrook is on the decline, to the fact he first said we lost means he’s at least opening up to the idea that winning comes first. Second off, he need a correlation even if it subconsciously between them losing and his play. Not only that, in the second half I felt a shift in how much Russell Westbrook expected the ball. Those are good signs.

Now, there are still things the Lakers need to clean up, and I do not expect them to make a deep playoff run. However, I wouldn’t count it out. The Lakers are still dangerous when fully healthy and that’s a fact. Never count out LeBron.

Thank you so much Smash Fans for tuning in I hope that you liked this article feel free to check out the video I posted this week which talks about the different expectations we have for different athletes in different sports. I hope you’re having amazing days, and without further ado, PD Smash signing off.

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