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Three Takeaways From the NBA Trade Deadline

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Hello Smash Fans and welcome to this installment. Today I’m going to talk about the NBA trade deadline and my reactions from the trades a week later.

First off, what was Sacramento doing. What is Domantas Sabonis really going to help you achieve as an organization. He’s going to help you reach the 10th maybe 9th seed at best. You are not gonna be a championship contender without him or with him. And finally, it puts you in no place to be able to sign a lot of free agents in the future. On top of all that, you traded away the one guy that truly wanted to be there.Halliburton expressed his love for the city of Sacramento and said he wanted to rebuild this franchise from the ground up and you just didn’t let him. He was for all intents and purposes your best player this year. That trade was ridiculous what are you doing.

Secondly, the Trailblazers are tanking. Maybe they’re thinking they can get a draft pick to pair another star with Dane. Maybe they’re just thinking and getting a head start on the rebuild and trading Dame. Either way they are tanking and it is a very evident. They definitely could’ve gotten better pieces for the players they traded away and still achieved their goal of tanking. However, with that said, I have very much softened up on the Trailblazers. Especially in the light of what happened with the Kings.

Finally, I think this Ben Simmons for James Harden trade is going to be really good for both sides. I personally thought Kyrie was gonna be the one that got traded but I’m actually glad it was James Harden. The 76ers get the perfect wing partner for Joel Embiid. On the 76ers side you also didn’t need to give too much away outside of Ben Simmons. I’m surprised they gave away Seth Curry instead of Tyrese or Shake Milton. They’re also only liable for two first round picks one of which is protected so that’s great. On the Nets side, this was a glorious trade. You got someone out of there that didn’t wanna be there. You were able to get someone back who does have superstar potential still. And I think Ben Simmons is going to thrive in this environment where he will for all intensive purposes be the center for large portions of games.

Thank you so much Smash Fans for tuning in I hope that you liked this article feel free to check out the video I posted this week which talks about the Super Bowl. I hope you’re having amazing days, and without further ado, PD Smash signing off.

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