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Khalil Mack Is Back!

Khalil Mack is a Charger! That’s crazy. Thank you Smash Fans for reading this installment, without further do let’s get into it.

First off, I think this makes the Chargers series tile contenders. No, I’m not saying that their the favorites, but they definitely have a shot. Any team with an A quarterback, an A running back, An A wide receiver, and an A defensive line has a shot at the title. The Bengals were able to make it to the Super Bowl with on 3 of those 4. They didn’t even need a great defensive line.

Do not be surprised if the Chargers have 12 wins next year, are either the number one seed or the number five seed, and they’re able to make a deep playoff run. Pass rush and quarterback play in the playoffs are the two biggest factors in winning games. Look at the past 10 Super Bowl champions. Name one Super Bowl champion that didn’t have great quarterback play, and didn’t have a great defensive line. And don’t tell me it’s the Philadelphia Eagles because Nick Foles played at an all-time great level during those playoffs.

The Charges are following the formula. Again, I am not saying they are going to make the Super Bowl or that they are the favorites to come out to the AFC. However, they have a legitimate shot.

On Chicago side, I would have liked you to get a little bit of a better hall for Khalil Mack, but I get why you couldn’t. And I agree that it was time to move off him because he no longer fits your timeline. Additionally, Kahlil Mac is not one of the all-time Bears greats, so this makes sense.

No matter how old this pans out for the Chargers and for the Bears, this trade has made me really excited to see how both teams play next year, and I think the AFC West has become the most entertaining and difficult division in all of football. I think there’s a possibility that every single team from the AFC West makes the playoffs and that would be wild.

Thank you so much Smash Fans for tuning in I hope that you liked this article feel free to check out the video I posted this week which talks about the different expectations we have for different athletes in different sports. I hope you’re having amazing days, and without further ado, PD Smash signing off.

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