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OBJ is Back Baby!

Hello Smash fans and welcome back to this installment. This week I want to talk about Odell and his resurgence in LA.

Since joining the Rams, OBJ has been able to do things he hasn’t been able to do in over five years, posting touchdowns in three straight games and posting numbers in three games that are better than his six game stent in Cleveland. Additionally, it just seems like him and Matthew Stafford gel better. I think Odell got frustrated with Baker’s inability to throw the deep ball accurately with consistency, something Matthew Stafford does not have a problem with. Matthew Stafford has always been one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL, especially when it comes to throwing the deep pass. He probably has one of the largest arms in the NFL so Odell has the freedom to run 50 to 60 yards down the field and Stafford will still get him the ball where it needs to be.

Furthermore, I just think Odell is happy in Los Angeles. As a Louisiana native, he was not predisposed to the cold, and when he’s both in a place where it is cold and it’s not a big market for a personality like OBJ, that is horrible. Of course Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry were best friends, and I’m not saying OBJ had a horrible time. But I am saying that Beckham has a star level personality and big personality usually needs to be paired with a big city, and LA is definitely one of the biggest markets in the league.

Finally, I think that having the larger role for Odell Beckham Jr., effectively taking over for Robert Woods, has allowed him to find his footing better, and I think next year is going to allow the Rams to have a good three headed monster in Odell, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp. I would imagine that Cooper Kupp’s target share and yards will go down. However, I would not be surprised if Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, and Odell Beckham Jr. all post over 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns apiece next season.

In the end, despite the fact that this week OBJ will most likely be out with Covid, I see his progression as an LA Ram to be ongoing, and I don’t think he’s reached his full potential as a Ram yet. I’m excited to see what this trio can do next year and what the duo will do this year going into the playoffs.

Thank you Smash Fans for sticking with me until the end. If you want to talk about this topic or any other topic sports-related, please email me or text me using the information on the contact page. If you want to support me even more, please consider following my Spotify as well as subscribing to my youtube channel and blog for weekly podcasts and articles. Until next time, PD Smash signing off.

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